Our Silks

Silk is a long held favourite fabric for us here at Carmen Kirstein,

from Mum, Christls silk worm fascination as a child growing up in Southern Africa, and throughout Carmen's journey through fashion, (designing and producing beautiful bespoke attire for the modern professional woman)  Carmen has grown to love and appreciate the quality, durability and and allure of silk. 

This has led Carmen to design and create luxury lounge wear for you to come home to, to relax in and to live your most special moments in.

Silk is the ultimate in relaxation and indulgence, & we have scoured the world over to find exceptional quality silks for you to wear and enjoy. 

Find out more about our silks. 

Mulberry Silk:

Mulberry silk is made from the silkworm that eat the leaves of the Mulberry trees. This results in the silkworm spinning very long, pure white threads. The processing of these threads gives rise to a fabric that is both fine and smooth as well as highly durable. You will not find a better-quality silk which makes it the perfect choice for our camis and chemises. 

We use 19 momme silk.

This means it has a higher density, keeps its lustre, is more durable and of a higher quality.

100% silk

Silk Dupion:

Silk Dupion is made by weaving a fine thread in one direction (warp) with an uneven thread of two or more silk cocoons that have been entangled, in the weft. This results in a stiffer fabric that is textured but with a very lustrous surface. This fabric is commonly used for ball gowns. We are using it for our dressing gowns as we love the striking colours available. 


Silk Habotai:

Silk Habotai is one of the simplest plain weave fabrics made from the silkworms cocoon. Although it is the most basic silk material it is still known for its lightweight silky soft feel against the skin. We use this fabric for the linings of our embroidered silk dressing gowns.

100% Silk

Silk Velvet

Velvet is a dense short pile weave which when manufactured using silk fibers produces silk velvet. It has a lustrous sheen which shimmers in the light. It is a heavy duty, durable material that has a beautiful soft drape. Perfect for our bias-cut camis