Our Story

Our story begins at home....

Locked down and challenged by a pandemic that was raging around the world, at Carmen Kirstein we were thankful to be in a calm, loving and healthy environment. 

Spending weeks where the only highlight was a walk outside, and the latest Netflix recommendation, inspiration for my bespoke & professional attire range Carmen Kirstein Fashion House was understandably challenged. 

I knew this pandemic was not only changing how we worked forever, it was changing the pace of how we live and what was important...

During this forced slow down it was inevitable that all of our priorities changed, and this was equally for the Carmen Kirstein brand. 

A small idea formed, and together with my mum Christl, we began to explore the ideas around comfort & lounging, whilst still feeling good about what you were wearing, and how we could keep an element of glamour and allure in our loungewear

Carmen Kirstein Luxury Loungewear was born from the desire to design and supply beautiful sleepwear and loungewear clothing for you to enjoy & wear during life's most relaxing moments. 

We chose to create our loungewear in the ultimate indulgent fabric SILK, and we have sourced the most incredible quality silks from around the world, which we bring back home here to New Zealand to begin the process of creating and hand making our garments. 

We work carefully with our suppliers making sure that we design and make beautiful pieces that meet your needs perfectly.

Our garments are made using quality fabrics in natural fibers such as silk, with the addition of cotton, and linen pieces, resulting in sleepwear that is breathable and soft against your skin.

We source out beautiful prints as well as designing our own, to brighten up your sleep wear choices.

Our garments are designed and made to be worn for lounging around the house but are equally suitable as sleep wear making them very versatile.

Every garment is made in New Zealand, to the highest quality. 

Many businesses waste so much, especially in the clothing industry.

We do not follow this path, we operate differently.

Sustainability is very important to us, so to achieve this we keep all our large off cuts to make our smaller items with.

We strive to make our business more ethical by knowing exactly where our garments are made

You will find our garments in boutique stores across New Zealand and worn and loved by people just like you 

Come home to Carmen Kirstein Luxury Loungewear. 

Carmen and Christl