profile smallI was born in Cape Town, South Africa. At the age of four I immigrated to Auckland, New Zealand with my family.

After completing my school education I was accepted to study Fashion Design at Auckland University of Technology. I completed my studies at the end of 2014, being awarded a Degree in Fashion Design.

From as far back as I can remember, my passion has always been on the creative side. As such drawing, painting, beading, and especially clothes designs, has occupied most of my time. I think this has its roots way back when I was in Kindy, a before-school day-care centre in Auckland, when a caregiver spent hours with me drawing wedding dresses. It is this passion that has stayed with me ever since, eventually leading me to become a qualified designer. The next step now is my own label.

My real goal is that my designs and collections would be treasured, seen as something special, and not just the ordinary run of the mill production creation. I see too many women dressed in mass produced clothing or in a manner that distracts from the beauty God gave them. I am not about sex appeal. I want women to feel special when they wear my garments, to look distinguished, and to be recognised for their elegance and beauty.